Sebastian Ramirez productor colombiano con su perro tomando una taza de café de especialidad sobre unos sacos de café de Colombia

Sebastián Ramirez: Legacy and future of Specialty Coffee in Colombia

We are excited to introduce Sebastián, a producer who not only represents the fourth generation of a family dedicated to coffee but also embodies the passion, innovation and commitment to sustainability that we look for in our collaborators.



Located in the fertile lands of Quindío and Huila , Sebastián grows exceptional varieties such as Sidra, Gesha, Wush Wush, Pink Bourbon, among others, at altitudes that range between 1,200 and 2,100 meters above sea level.


Thanks to its meticulous focus on the Washed, Honey and Natural processes CM has achieved coffees with unique flavor profiles, internationally recognized with awards such as the "great taste 2022" and 93 points in the coffee review.


At Artisan Coffee, we share with Sebastián the belief that coffee is more than a drink; It is an opportunity to connect with people, with their work, their legacy and their love for nature.


The El Placer Farms project, led by Sebastián, is a testament to his vision for specialty coffee. This project has not only allowed the development of high-quality coffees but has also promoted sustainable practices such as saving water, the use of renewable energy or the planting of native trees to provide shade and shelter for native fauna. All of this, together with innovation in post-harvest processes and the standardization of these processes, has generated consistency in their cups, thus guaranteeing the quality that our customers expect.


Sebastián supports small local farmers with very reasonable prices at his processing plant, hoping that this support will encourage them and help them continue producing coffee.

He also supports a foundation that takes care of abandoned animals. He himself has provided a new home for some of them on his farm.


For us it is an honor and a responsibility to roast and offer these coffees, and we hope that each cup serves as a bridge between you and the wonderful El Placer farms in Colombia.

We will keep you informed about Sebastián Ramirez and his project and discover why his coffees have captured our hearts and our palates.

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