Choose your coffee as if you came to our coffee store and roaster

Three ways to choose your coffee to best adapt to your tastes

Selecciona tu café por el tipo de cafetera que tienes en casa

Choose coffee by the type of coffee maker

Many times, if your coffee maker is, for example, espresso, you probably like coffees that are a little more chocolatey (it doesn't always have to be that way) and based on those generalities we offer you our recommendation.

Choose your coffee by type of flavor

Normally, there are 2 types of specialty coffee consumers (forgive the simplification), those who like chocolatey coffees (and do not like acidity in the coffee) and those who like fruity coffees (they tolerate a certain acidity in the coffee). coffee)

Selection of coffees by origin

There are origins that mark your choice and make you fall in love, if you are "crazy" about one of them this way can help you. Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil...

About this guide

Forgive the audacity

Choosing coffee is something very personal, everyone has their preferences and our mission is to adapt as best as possible so that your choice meets your expectations.

This guide is just a reference, perhaps a dare, if you are already an expert in specialty coffee, I recommend that you choose directly on the page where all the coffees are. If not, let us help you and choose with one of these criteria:

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