Our history


Our beginnings in coffee

Hello, I'm Nacho Prado, founder of Artisan Coffee, now I'm a specialty coffee roaster... but it wasn't always like this...

My family has a long coffee tradition, does the way to order coffee in Malaga sound familiar to you? A shadow, a cloud, a half...

It was my grandfather, José Prado Crespo, who invented it, back in 1954.

Café Central was the most famous and centrally located coffee shop in the city, and when my father Rafael took over it in 2001, he called me to give him a hand.

A sweet and floral coffee?

As I am an entrepreneur, I was first learning and then improving, the ins and outs of the business.

It wasn't easy, but I was clear that one of the key pieces of the business was coffee.

Since I like to train and belonging to this company made it easier for me to train with the best baristas in the country, I soon saw two things clearly:

1º The coffee must be of quality.

2º A good coffee, poorly prepared is a bad coffee.

Little by little I implemented changes for the better, but the revelation came to me in the form of filter coffee with barista Kim Osseblok.

I almost cried with excitement when I tried it.

I didn't understand how a coffee had those aromas and that flavor, what have I been missing all these years? It had fruity, floral notes and was a sweet and delicate coffee.

Until then, I had to add sugar to my coffee, yes or yes!

From there, we created two more custom blends for the Central.

The seed is growing

Beginnings of the Roaster

But it gave me the feeling of staying halfway . The Roaster bug was knocking on my door.

2 years passed, and the circumstances became favorable , we had a good place for the roaster, a large roasting machine, the project was mature,...

But the acid test still remained.

Would regular customers accept this change?

Would we be able to make them notice the difference for the better?

Would they cry with emotion?

Well, they didn't cry but they did accept the change, in fact they no longer wanted what was before.

So I took the plunge.


-Family, I'm going to roast specialty coffee at Artisan Coffee.

-Great! Good luck on your journey! (my family answered).

March 3, 2020

Well that. 10 days later Pandemic and what you already know.

Difficult beginnings

Roaster Evolution

I had started with a company that roasts specialty coffee in the middle of the crisis for all coffee shops and for everyone.

And little by little, with the tastings and training for baristas and the coffee shops that supported our project, more and more people appreciate Artisan Coffee's coffee.

And along this path there has been everything, many learnings and many joys. Among them, the newspaper La Opinión recently chose me as barista of the year in the province .

This award and the positive evaluations of many of you encourage me to continue working so that when our coffee arrives at your home, you are moved by its aroma and flavor in the same way that I was moved by that coffee that changed everything.

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