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Artisan Coffee Monthly Coffee Subscription, recommended for espresso makers, Italian or moka pots and super-automatic coffee makers. Coffee beans or ground. Arabic specialty coffee

Hello, I'm Nacho Prado, from Artisan Coffee,

and I have been in the coffee business for more than 20 years, observing, testing and researching what was the key to selling the best in my coffee shop, the most famous coffee shop in Malaga, where everyone wanted to sell coffee...

For years I thought that the key was the machine, the team of baristas,...

but, if I'm honest, I thought all coffees were the same,

especially in espresso (the typical coffee found in coffee shops).

I had to add sugar to all of these, all of them, because they were bitter and strong, very strong.

Maybe you think the same.

It is true that in cafes the issue is more complex, but at home everything is simpler, if you buy good coffee the normal thing is that you have a good coffee.

And now I'm going to give you the key, it's simple.

The key is in the flavor, there are no secrets,

If the coffee tastes good to you, it's because it's good coffee, maybe I haven't discovered anything to you... but, like me, many of us believed that coffee just tastes that strong.

We hadn't stopped to taste the coffee because it was unsmokable without sugar and milk.

And we believed that coffee tasted like that.

I'm sorry for the supermarket below, what they sell, for me, is a black drink that may remind you of coffee.

And no, coffee does not have to be bitter and it does not taste like burnt toast.

These simple rules are what give meaning to all our work with coffee and are the hallmarks of all our coffees:

  • They are freshly roasted and it says so on the label.
  • They are naturally sweet coffees.
  • They do not have any added ingredients, it is just coffee.
  • They indicate its origin and its producer.
  • They are fresh coffee, from the current harvest


The rules of our subscriptions are simple:

  • If you subscribe with us you will not have shipping costs.

  • Bean or ground coffees.

  • When you want you go

Subscriptions ship on the first Wednesday of each month.

The next shipment will be on March 2, 2023.

You can unsubscribe whenever you want, without problems, without ties.

We are here to help you enjoy your coffees more, not to complicate your life. If you don't like it, unsubscribe and that's it.

If you have questions about which subscription best suits you, it is best that you call me by phone at 687163347 , I am Nacho Prado (please, from Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) for questions at other times it is better that you contact me. send a whatsapp or an email


  • I really like very very intense coffees or very black coffee. Do you have that type of coffee?

Maybe what you are looking for is robusta coffee and no, we do not roast robusta coffee (or roasted coffee either), we do not like that bitterness, we like sweet and aromatic coffees.

We also do not have very high roasts (in barista slang dark roast). If you are looking for coffees that, when made in a glass glass, look very intensely black, this is not your subscription.

Even so, we have intense coffees, yes, but intense in flavor and aroma, not coffees with a roast that is almost charred. If what you are looking for is the bitter punch of a lifetime, keep looking, we are not your option.

  • I don't have a grinder at home, can you send it ground? What is my grind?

It's normal, I haven't had a mill at home for years and with this subscription I wouldn't need it.

This is precisely one of the mistakes that "supermarket coffees" make and that is that they have a universal grind for their coffees.

The issue of grinding is fundamental, I'll give you an example, imagine that you are a fan of fish and you have two events, for this you go to the fishmonger and find yourself at the counter in front of your trusted fishmonger:

- On the one hand you want to make roasted salmon on that new barbecue that measures the temperature and everything when you cover it. What cut would you choose? A thick one, otherwise the salmon would sneak through the barbecue grates and you would waste everything.

- And at night, would you like to offer some sushi with your friends... would you cut it anyway? it is clear that not

Well, the same thing happens with coffee and its grinding, each type of coffee maker has an associated grinding thickness and it is not the same to grind coffee to make it in an espresso maker (old-fashioned bar type) than in a moka maker (the Italian one). that screws on) or that in a plunger coffee maker (which requires a coarse grind).

  • I have a long-standing mill at home, better for grain, right?

Coffee is better preserved as beans than ground, yes, but you will have to see what grinder you have at home.

If you have one of those electric grinders with blades, it can help you, but it is difficult for all the grinding to be uniform, sometimes the coffee will turn out well and other times not so much, if we are going to send it to you, I recommend that we do the grinding ourselves. , our mill costs more than €2,000 and will have a much more uniform grind.

If you have a manual mill you have to see two things
- How much coffee are you going to make per day, because let's not kid ourselves, grinding coffee for 5 people... is, to say the least, tiring.

- the quality of your grinder, we measure the quality of the grinder in grinding uniformity, if the grinder once, without changing the parameters, produces coffee in one way and other times in another, your grinder does not have the desired quality. It is better that you buy one of better quality or entrust the grinding to us.

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