We are Artisan Coffee

I am Ignacio Prado , founder of Artisan Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster in Malaga. A roaster sensitive to the environment and the human side of coffee that wants to bring you the best coffees in the world, but how did I get here?
Since 2001 I have been linked to the world of coffee thanks to my work in the management of Café Central, the most famous coffee shop in Malaga.
With my family, for as long as I can remember, I shared the need to learn and improve the taste of coffee.
That is why since 2019 I have been taking steps to create a temple dedicated to coffee in Malaga, a training classroom dedicated to this drink and a store where we sell the best coffees from around the world.
Facade of the specialty coffee roaster and shop Artisan Coffee Málaga, in the Plaza de San Francisco.
In 2020, a new concept of a space dedicated to coffee and its accessories, its study and dissemination, was born in Malaga. To do this, I created this space that is at the same time a flavor laboratory, a specialty coffee and infusion store along with accessories and a specialty coffee dissemination classroom.
At Artisan we share a vision of the world of friendly and close coffee , which takes care of the environment and seeks to unite cultures under the unique flavors of our coffees, valuing the work of the producers and ours as roasters and sellers. Promoting a culture of flavor and care for nature.
Specialty coffee fresh from the Artisan Coffee roaster in Malaga
At Artisan Coffee we believe that another way of drinking coffee and another quality of coffee are possible in our homes and in the best coffee shops in Spain.

The values ​​that drive Artisan Coffee are :

- Coffee traceability is essential to value the work of producers. A poorly processed or poorly transported coffee will never be able to develop all of its attributes.
Coffee cherries in origin. Artisan Coffee
- The coffee is sweet, fruity, with floral notes,... each coffee is different and has a potential that we can help reveal with our way of roasting it.
Freshly roasted specialty coffee in Malaga by Artisan Coffee España
- Training and dissemination of the best ways to prepare coffee are a primary objective for us, since the execution of the barista , or the end customer, is fundamental in the final flavor of the coffee.
Filter coffee made at Artisan Coffee Spain
- Our work is artisanal, constant, harmonious. A mix of professionalism and art .
Stay Focused, be an Artisan
- Our consumer choices can be an engine of change . We choose environmentally friendly suppliers. We seek to leave the smallest footprint possible, with recyclable, recycled, biodegradable materials, organic and/or ecological coffees, bird-friendly, coffees with a social component, an engine of change,... in short, choices that lead us to a future better.
- We believe in collaboration between people and entities . Together we are stronger.
- Artisan Moment . Coffee is a moment of connection with your spirit. Healthy foods are a source of health and connection with our interior. We don't believe in coffee as a "caffeine pill", we believe in the Artisan moment.
Join us in the Artisan movement for healthier, more environmentally friendly coffee, with the power to connect people with each other and with their interior.
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