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Geishas and the celebration of excellence in coffee

Geishas and Excellence in Coffee

Geishas and Excellence in Coffee

In the exquisite world of specialty coffee , the Geisha variety stands as a jewel of unmatched aroma and flavor. Originating from Ethiopia and globally acclaimed after its appearance in Panama, Geisha coffee has dazzled connoisseurs and coffee lovers around the world.

A History of Exclusivity and Flavor

Geisha coffees transport us to the mountains of Ethiopia, where their aroma blooms for the first time. From East Africa he travels to Central America, and it is in the Panamanian lands where his exquisite complexity is revealed to the world, winning multiple awards and recognitions.

Unique features

What makes Geisha coffee so special and desired? Its sensory profile stands out for vibrant notes of jasmine, bergamot and tropical fruits, creating a clear and bright cup experience. Furthermore, its scarcity and difficulty in cultivation make it a highly prized commodity among coffee lovers.

Astronomical Prices

The reputation of the Geisha leads it to achieve incredible prices at auction, reaching up to 5,000 euros per kilo . Each grain holds a promise of quality and an unparalleled sensory experience, justifying for many (and not for others) this high cost.

The Immaculate Conception and Hartmann: Our Jewels of the Season

This year at Artisan Coffee , in celebration of our election as Baristas of the Year in the province of Malaga for the gastronomic supplement El Delantal, we want to celebrate by sharing our new Geishas with you.

One from Colombia, from the La Inmaculada farm and the other from the Hartmann farm in Panama , coffees that are a symbol of our passion and dedication to specialty coffee.

Celebrating Excellence

By toasting with a cup of these exceptional Geishas, ​​we pay tribute to tradition, innovation and, above all, to you, as part of our beloved community of coffee lovers.

We invite you to discover, savor and celebrate with us the journey of the Geisha, a journey that embodies true excellence in coffee .

Discover the complete Geisha coffee experience with us at Artisan Coffee. Health!

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